Skirt calamity: Motorbike near-miss caught on dashcam as woman’s fashion takes a tumble

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An alarming incident on a Vietnamese street was caught on a car’s dashcam, where a woman passenger on a motorbike had a near miss with a car after her long skirt got tangled in the motorcycle’s wheel and caused her to fall right in front of the moving vehicle. The driver’s timely response and brake averted a potential disaster.

The accident took place on the roads of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The dashcam recorded the moment when the woman, donned in a long skirt, was riding a pillion on a motorbike, suddenly fell off hitting the road, causing a shockwave among the other road users.

This unfortunate incident might lead some to speculate that the woman may have dozed off, resulting in her loss of balance and subsequent fall. However, the footage reveals that the real culprit behind this mishap was the woman’s long skirt, which had got entangled in the motorbike wheel. Luckily, the driver whose car the woman landed in front of was moving slowly, thus allowing them to swerve and brake just in time to avoid any disheartening circumstances, reports Sanook.

Similarly, in Pattaya, Chon Buri province, a foreign driver lost his life as he lost control of his motorbike on Saturday. Officers at Mueang Pattaya Police Station were informed of this accident at 3.30pm. Then, the police went to the accident with rescue workers from Pattaya’s Sawang Boriboon Thammasat Foundation.

At the incident scene, a grey Honda CB 300 motorbike was found in the middle of the road, with bike fragments scattered around the bike. For more information, click HERE to read more.

In another motorbike accident story, a young student from Lopburi Province died instantly due to a fatal crash with a 10-wheeled lorry. The deceased was participating in late-night street races and riding a red Honda Wave motorcycle. For more information, click HERE to read more.

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