Monkey travels 40 kilometres to attend funeral of man who fed it in Uttar Pradesh

Picture courtesy of Sanook

A heartbreaking video has emerged of a monkey shedding tears and tightly clutching a deceased man’s body. The backstory is even more poignant, as it travelled over 40 kilometres to bid a final farewell to its benefactor.

The video was captured at a funeral in the city of Amroha, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It features a monkey sitting vigilantly next to the body of the deceased, appearing as devastated as the other family members.

As the procession moved along a windy road, the monkey clung tightly to the yellow shroud covering the deceased’s body. Media reports mention a moment when the monkey even shed tears.

The deceased man, named Ramkunwar Singh, had been feeding the monkey for several months prior to his death. The two would play together daily. In light of the tragic news, the monkey did not just follow the deceased’s family for over 40 kilometres to attend Singh’s funeral but also sat near the pyre for an extended period, reported Sanook.

After the clip was posted on social media, it received significant attention. Many were astounded by the monkey’s evident grief over the man’s death. However, while this behaviour might seem unusual to many, it is not uncommon for these animals to express grief over loss.

There have been records of monkeys carrying the bodies of their deceased offspring for days or even weeks.

Similar to a previous incident, another monkey surprised many by appearing from the forest to visit the home of a deceased farmer in Uttar Pradesh, demonstrating respect for his passing. In this instance, the monkey sat sorrowfully beside the deceased, empathising with the pain of the other family members and even clasping the hand of a woman present there.

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