Man spends 200k baht to investigate girlfriend’s online sex video with shocking results

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Imagine sitting down for your daily dose of internet porn only to stumble upon an explicit video of your girlfriend and another man. One Chinese man was shocked when he encountered just that. Seeing her appearing intoxicated and unconscious during the sex video, he spent over 40,000 yuan (almost 200,000 baht) to investigate the situation.

Believing she had been sexually violated, due to her appearance in the video, He subsequently poured more than 40,000 yuan into enlisting the help of Internet detectives.

The man came across the explicit video during one of his online sessions and was shocked to find his girlfriend as the female protagonist in the sex video. The state she was in – seemingly intoxicated and unconscious – prompted him to assume she had been sexually assaulted and filmed without her consent.

Distressed, invested in advertisements seeking cyber assistance, rallying a force of Internet detectives to help track down the perpetrator, reported Mirrormedia.

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However, the truth they unearthed was not as he expected, leaving him heartbroken. It turned out that his girlfriend had secretly been out for dinner with her lover, getting drunk, and then checked into the hotel together.

These Internet sleuths used the background seen in the sex video provided by the man to determine the hotel where the incident took place. Their meticulous investigation eventually led to the unexpected revelation of his girlfriend’s infidelity which was harder for the man to digest than his initial fear.

This heartbreaking revelation had the man spending a significant sum of money only to learn that he was being cheated on inan online sex video. To make matters worse, the entire incident was known to a large number of people online who had been following the case. Many of them tried to console him, offering words of comfort and advice.

“It turns out she was with her lover!”

“This woman is not right for you, it’s okay.”

“Why don’t you look for other flowers when you have financial resources?”

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