Man rejected from job due to misunderstanding caused by abnormally large penis

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There are a million jokes about men being self-conscious about their penis being too small. But for some men, being abnormally “well endowed” is hard (pun intended).

One man in the United Kingdom experienced a rather tragic misunderstanding at a job interview due to his unusually large penis. The man, Joe, was featured in a Channel 4 documentary titled My Massive C**k.

Joe said he was rejected from the job because interviewers thought he had an erection. Joe said he had worked for the interview, and it had gone very well, but….

“The response I got was ‘you’re not gonna get the job, we thought you were a good candidate but we thought there was inappropriate behaviour happening.’ They thought I had an erection throughout this whole interview, and they were very much like ‘Your attire isn’t right.’ They clearly meant, ‘We can see your d**k.’”

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Joe had to wear a suit for the interview.

Joe told reporters that his penis is about nine and a half inches long, about a 12th of his height. He said that in width, his penis is thicker than his forearm, at “about seven around”. Joe joked, “I can get my hand around my wrist quite easily, but I can’t get my hand around my own ****”.

Joe has to have special underwear made to stop his penis from falling out. The underwear has an extra pouch.

The Channel 4 documentary interviews Joe and other men with abnormally large penises. The documentary aims to show viewers that even though many men want large penises, men with unusually large penises often face serious challenges in life.

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