Man leaves after woman brings 23 relatives on first date, takes legal action

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A Chinese man was left shocked and out of pocket after his blind date brought 23 relatives to the restaurant. The woman, Ms Zhang, later sued her date, Mr Liu, to recover the hefty bill for the meal.

Mr Liu from Jilin Province, China, met Ms Zhang through a chaperone and arranged to have their first date at a restaurant they both frequented. He was left astonished when Ms Zhang arrived with 23 family members in tow but opted to be cordial and meet them all.

Upon enquiring about the cost, Liu was taken aback to learn that the total bill for the meal was almost 20,000 yuan. The staff at the restaurant also whispered that the high price was due to the woman’s family ordering large amounts of expensive cigarettes and high-quality alcohol. Liu could not bring himself to pay and quickly left the venue.

In the end, Ms Zhang had to pay the bill herself and hoped her date would contribute to half of the amount. Mr Liu, however, agreed only to pay 4,000 yuan, angering Ms Zhang’s relatives who decided to sue him in court.

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Feeling bad towards Ms Zhang’s family, Mr Liu expressed his willingness to go to court. The court ruled in favour of him only having to cover the cost of his meal and Ms Zhang’s portion, which amounted to approximately 1,400 yuan, reports Sanook.

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