Frustrated man welds car park entrance after dispute with stubborn driver

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A Chinese man, frustrated by a stranger repeatedly parking in his rented parking space, resorted to welding an iron barrier around the vehicle, demanding an apology before allowing it to be moved. The incident took place in Chaosheng in China’s Chaozhou province when the man, known as “Zasu”, found his space obstructed. Despite numerous requests to relocate the car, the owner refused, sparking Zasu to take matters into his own hands. The response from a legal expert in China was that only the person who rents or owns a parking space has the right to use it without permission from others.

Zasu’s encounter of finding a stranger parked in his rented parking space was reported after he posted details of the incident online, seeking advice on how to handle the situation. He indicated that he had asked the individual several times to move the car, but the person refused. Driven by desperation, Zasu decided to encircle the trespasser’s car with a welded iron barrier in retaliation.

After discovering the stranger occupying his parking space, Zasu immediately called the car owner to request that they relocate their vehicle. Despite making six phone calls over two hours, the individual only replied that it was public parking, and anyone could park there. Additionally, they refused to move their car. Consequently, Zasu decided to notify the police, but the person claimed they were too drunk to come and move the car.

The following day, Zasu, unable to contain his frustration, ordered workers to fix an iron barrier around the illegal parker’s car. Through this extreme course of action, Zasu hoped to make a point about his dissatisfaction and force the individual to offer a public apology. He also threatened to escalate the situation further if necessary.

In response to the situation, a Chinese lawyer clarified that only the person who owns or rents a parking space is legally entitled to use it exclusively. Other individuals are not permitted to use the parking space without permission. The owner of an occupied parking space can report the incident to the company responsible for managing the property and seek a resolution. If the problem persists, the owner is allowed to lock the car but not damage it, reports Khaosod Online.

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