Man catches fiancée cheating with cousin, livestreams the drama with family

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A man from the United States was left in shock after discovering his fiancée in a compromising position with an unexpected individual.

His unique retaliation involved livestreaming the event, to the surprise of their family and friends. The story has become an online sensation, with some commending his revenge as “nuclear,” and others questioning if his actions were too extreme.

The man, identified as Bigjerr2007 on Reddit, shared his experience of three years into his relationship when his fiancée insisted on knowing his daily schedule due to past infidelity from a previous partner. He had planned a surprise for her on their anniversary, taking the whole day off but pretending to go to work. His suspicion was aroused when he noticed a red sports car, owned by his fiancée’s cousin, parked outside their house.

He had installed motion-detecting cameras in their home, which covered the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. When he received a notification of movement inside the house, he was horrified to see his fiancée getting intimate with her cousin on the live feed. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, he decided to share the live link with their entire family and friends.

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Within minutes of sharing the live link, their phones started ringing incessantly. The woman answered the phone after the fourth or fifth call, only to hear her cousin’s mother screaming at her for her infidelity, informing her that everyone had seen the livestream. Amid the chaos, the cousin stumbled and hit his head on the table while trying to get dressed.

The man gave his fiancée an hour to pack her things and move out of the house. The news of their affair spread quickly throughout their town. The man emphasised that this incident happened several years ago, and he is now happily married with three children. He has no regrets about his actions, reported Sanook.

Despite the passage of time, the post continues to spark debate among netizens. Comments range from questioning the legality of his actions in America to applauding his “nuclear” level of revenge. Another comment pointed out the woman’s dual betrayal of her fiancé and her cousin, calling it a major mistake.

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