Malaysian couple discovers they’re half-siblings post-marriage

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In a peculiar twist of fate, a Malaysian couple recently discovered they are half-siblings after they were already married and had children. This revelation stirred up the grim reality of prohibited incest relations under Islamic law, likely leading to an imminent annulment of their union.

Having met each other at university and dated for three years, the couple eventually tied the knot and started a family. The woman’s father passed away when she was a child, and she had never met her husband’s father, hence the crossed paths of their parents never posed an issue.

It was only during a casual conversation with her mother-in-law that the woman was informed that she and her husband’s father met in Thailand and lived together without marrying, but had her husband. Soon thereafter, the father left them and had no further communication.

When the mother-in-law revealed a photograph and ID of the man, the woman felt her blood run cold. She realised the man her mother-in-law was detailing was indeed her biological father, who had passed away. This divulgence left the pair, in fact, half-siblings. Overwhelmed and distraught, the woman ran home in tears, while her husband was equally shocked and confused by the revelation.

Lawyer Fahmi emphasised that Islamic law unequivocally forbids incestuous relations. Therefore, the couple would have to appear in court to file for a divorce, rendering their marriage and children illegitimate. Upon separation, they were advised to undertake a DNA test for the paternity of the children, with the man expected to assume guardianship and cover childcare costs.

Fahmi further stressed that had the parents married formally from the beginning, this tragedy could have been averted.

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