Rescue confusion: Motorcycle sidecar, not trailer truck, found in Thai canal

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There was a slight misunderstanding last night when members of a local rescue team and journalists rushed into action to investigate an alleged incident involving a trailer truck that had reportedly fallen off the road and into a canal.

The incident took place in Suvarnabhumi district, Bang Phli district, Samut Prakan province. Upon arrival, it was discovered that it was not a trailer truck per se, but rather a sidecar attached to a motorcycle.

The initial alert was placed last night. The Life Saving Center of Samut Prakan Province had received a distress call about a trailer truck accident in Suvarnabhumi Water Supply Canal in the Bang Phli district. Therefore, officials from the Po Tek Tung Foundation coordinated to investigate the incident.

Upon receiving the call, the Po Tek Tung Foundation officials embarked on the mission, accompanied by field journalists, aiming to assist. When they reached the scene of the supposed accident, locals were standing by the roadside.

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Inquiring about the exact location of the incident, the locals pointed towards the edge of the canal. Here they found 39 year old Borm and her son standing close by the canal. Nearby was their red Honda Wave motorcycle with a sidecar, partly submerged in water at the edge of the canal. The Po Tek Tung Foundation officials then coordinated with a rescue truck to use its electric winch attached to the front of the rescue vehicle to retrieve the sidecar.

Borm, the owner of the sidecar, recounted that she had parked her sidecar right on the roadside where she usually parks it. However, today a passing trailer produced a strong gust that blew her sidecar into the canal. Fortunately, neither she nor her son was on the sidecar when the incident happened, thereby avoiding injury.

Thadanai Mee Sri, a Po Tek Tung Foundation volunteer based at Bang Phli Police Station, who had initially received the report, shared his side of the story. According to him, he was informed of a trailer accident in the Suvarnabhumi Water Supply Canal. Upon reaching the location, he realised the vehicle involved wasn’t a trailer truck as he had initially perceived it to be, but a motorcycle with a sidecar.

Phongsakon Rodpai also conveyed his thoughts on the incident. He along with the rescue team received news about the accident, which led them to promptly travel to investigate. Upon reaching, they found a motorcycle sidecar had fallen into a water supply canal. However, they were relieved to know that no one suffered any injuries or fatalities from this incident.

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