Kiwi PM admits her country will ditch British crown in her lifetime

New Zealand will become a republic Kiwi Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admitted today, but not any time soon.

The 42 year old New Zealand PM believes the southwestern Pacific Ocean Island country will ditch the UK monarchy in her lifetime but added she wasn’t going to rush into it at the moment.

“There’s been a debate, probably for a number of years. But I don’t see it as a short-term measure or anything that is on the agenda any time soon.

“There are so many challenges we face. This is a large, significant debate. I don’t think it’s one that would or should occur quickly.”

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The Kiwi PM did admit that New Zealand would become a republic in her lifetime.

“I do believe that is where New Zealand will head, in time. I believe it is likely to occur in my lifetime.”

New Zealand conducted a survey in February which revealed just about 36% of Kiwis supported a move to a republic while 48% said they wanted to remain as part of the British Commonwealth.

It is understood Ardern will attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in London on September 19.

The New Zealand PM also declared September 26 a public holiday in the country in honour of Her Majesty the Queen.

“The decision to hold a one-off public holiday in the Queen’s honour is also in line with similar holidays in the UK and Australia, and is in keeping with what is an historic event.”

Under the current system, the British monarch remains New Zealand’s head of state, represented in New Zealand by a governor-general. The governor-general’s role is these days considered primarily ceremonial.


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