Indian woman climbs 24-metre electric pole after argument with boyfriend

An Indian woman climbed an electric pole after a fight with her boyfriend. (via Twitter)

There are many ways to cope with a tense argument, to calm down or diffuse the situation. But some options are more reasonable, and some are far more dramatic. A disgruntled Indian woman made the baffling and dangerous decision to scale a 24-metre-high electric pole following a heated argument with her boyfriend.

The bizarre pole-climbing incident took place in India. The entire ordeal was captured on film and posted to Twitter where it understandably swiftly went viral as people shared it.

The impulsive act was reportedly carried out by a woman named Anita after a row with her boyfriend. The two had been dating for over a year. Distraught, Anita left her home and – for some reason – decided to climb a nearby electricity pole. Some believed it was a suicide attempt.

Various residents who spotted the woman perched dangerously atop the electric pole pleaded with her to come down. When she did not, the crowd of onlookers promptly alerted the authorities.

The situation took a further alarming turn when her boyfriend tried to convince her to come down and failed. So he then decided the best option was to scale the electricity pole also in a bid to reason with his distraught girlfriend face to face.

By the time the police arrived, there was a large crowd gathered underneath the pole, watching the escalating event unfolding above them with bated breath.

The footage of the dramatic event quickly went viral on social media. In the video, you can hear concerned residents looking on in horror. One neighbour begs to her.

“Anita, come down, it’s unsafe.”

Notably, the woman’s dangerous decision bears life-threatening risks, as electricity poles carry high voltage that could cause electrocution or a fatal fall from such a height. The presence of mind from the locals in immediately notifying the police helped control the situation.

Oddly, this is not the first case of someone’s impassioned electricity pole climb. One man climbed a moving tower in 2017 in protest calling for the prohibition of alcohol in his state. Recently another man did similar in protest of poor road infrastructure.

But perhaps most similar was a case last year where a woman climbed an electric pole and staked out her space, refusing to come down in order to avoid her husband’s drunken rage.

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