French PM Elisabeth Borne seeks removal of biography passages on her private life

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French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, aged 62, has filed a lawsuit demanding the removal of certain sections of a recently published biography, claiming that they breached her privacy. The biography was written by journalist Berengere Bonte and released by the Archipel publishing house.

The legal complaint, brought before a court in Nanterre near Paris, identifies passages concerning Borne’s health, sexual orientation, and family life that she wishes to have removed. Notably private about her personal life, Borne has only occasionally discussed her past, including her father’s experience in the Holocaust and his subsequent suicide when she was 11 years old.

Archipel has defended the biography, stating that it was the result of a year-long investigation and numerous interviews. The publishing house informed that the book includes conversations with Borne, her cabinet members, family, and close friends. The biography, which launched on May 4, is the first on the French Prime Minister.

Borne is demanding a symbolic one euro in damages and 5,000 euros (approximately US$5,500) in legal fees. A hearing is scheduled for May 24. In the meantime, the book remains on sale, but if Borne’s legal action is successful, the contested passages will be removed from future editions.

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The French Prime Minister has faced criticism in the past for her perceived lack of warmth and charisma when promoting government policy. In a previous interview, Borne admitted that her reserved demeanour is due to the emotional impact of her childhood experiences.

This incident is the latest publishing industry controversy involving a member of the Macron administration. Finance and Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has previously been questioned about the appropriateness of his erotic novel, and Social Economy Minister Marlene Schiappa was criticized for a mostly-clothed photo shoot for Playboy magazine, reports Bangkok Post.

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