Florida’s jaws-dropping discovery: Alligator spotted with human body in its jaws

Photo by Tony Cox on flickr.

A shocking incident unfolded in Florida, USA, when a large 4-metre alligator was spotted carrying what appeared to be a human corpse in its mouth. The victim has been identified as a 41 year old homeless woman.

The incident was reported in Largo, Tampa Bay when a local man noticed the massive alligator near a pond, close to the road, carrying what resembled a human body in its mouth.

The alligator was clutching the lower part of the victim’s body. The man attempted to throw rocks at the beast, but it dragged the body under the water. He immediately rushed to report the incident to the local fire station.

Upon inspection, officials confirmed that the object in the alligator’s mouth was indeed a human body, and operations were launched to retrieve the body and terminate the alligator.

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The authorities were able to identify the victim following an autopsy. The deceased was identified as Sabrina Pegham, a 41 year old homeless woman who lived not far from where the body was found.

Pegham’s daughter revealed that her mother was part of the local homeless community. She speculated that her mother might have been walking near the waterway in the dark, either to or from their campsite, when the alligator attacked.

The man who reported the incident to the police said he had never seen such a large alligator in the area before. The creature’s mouth was full of blood, which led him to believe it might be carrying a human body. Therefore prompting him to immediately call the police. The case is currently under further investigation.

The authorities assured the public that the alligator was humanely killed and removed from the waterway. A police dive team then retrieved the remains of Pegkham. News footage shows the large alligator lying beside a road, surrounded by police and emergency vehicles, reported by Khaosod.

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