4 fake police officers kidnap woman for 300,000 baht ransom

Tharapong "Ton" Khambuacha was arrested. Photo via KhaoSod.

A Thai woman filed a complaint alleging that four men posing as police officers kidnapped her for a 300,000 baht ransom. One of the suspects involved was the ex-boyfriend of the victim’s daughter. He was arrested by police while the other three suspects remain at large.

The 48 year old victim, Patcharee, told officers at Mueang Prachuap Kiri Khan Police Station that the incident happened at 8.30am on Wednesday, September 20. She was riding a motorbike home in the eastern province of Prachuap Kiri Khan when a white Honda pickup cut her path.

One of the men exited the vehicle and swiftly covered her head with a black cloth. He identified himself as a police officer and brandished a firearm to force her to get into the car. Inside the car, the victim heard one of the men address another person as Ngae.

“Ngae, what do we do next?”

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According to Patcharee’s daughter, 26 year old Pornpimon, Ngae might be a friend of her ex-boyfriend.

Ngae contacted Pornpimon and told her that her mother was in the custody of Provincial Police Region 7 and then later called her again and put her mother on the line.

Patcharee told Pornpimon to raise 300,000 baht in exchange for her freedom. Pornpimon negotiated and managed to reduce the ransom demand to 200,000 baht.

Pornpimon arranged a meeting with the gang and filed a complaint with the police before the schedule. Officers urged Pornpimon to give the money to the gang as she had promised and the officers would be watching to identify them.

The exchange of money took place at a designated meeting point near Wa Khao Beach. Following the transaction, the gang later released her mother at 9.30pm that same day.

Police reviewed CCTV footage from three crime scenes, including the area near Patcharee’s house, Wa Khao Beach and the area where the gang left Patcharee. They were able to identify one suspect, 33 year old Tharapong “Ton” Khambuacha, also known as Ton Monglai. Ton is Pornpimon’s ex-boyfriend.

The police have not disclosed any specifics of the questioning to the media. Furthermore, the authorities are yet to officially confirm the true identity of the individual referred to as Ngae

KhaoSod reported that Ton has been arrested several times in the past for the illegal possession of weapons.

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