Thai embassy issues caution to residents in US over Hurricane Idalia’s threat

Picture courtesy of Rebecca Blackwell, AP.

The Thai Embassy in Washington DC, USA, issued a warning about the dangerous Hurricane Idalia that battered the state of Florida with high wind speeds of up to 205 kilometres per hour. Today, the embassy advised Thai residents to stay updated with news, check weather conditions and exercise caution.

The National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service forecasted that Category 2 Hurricane Idalia would bring heavy rainfall, strong winds, power outages, flash flooding and possible landslides to Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and southern Georgia from August 29 to today.

The areas expected to be affected by Hurricane Idalia included the coastline of Florida, the cities of Tampa, Fort Myers and other neighbouring cities, before moving along the coastline of North Carolina, South Carolina and the coastline of Georgia from yesterday to today, respectively, reported KhaoSod.

The Thai Embassy in Washington DC advised Thai residents in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and other neighbouring states to monitor the news and check weather conditions, road conditions and public transportation schedules before travel. They should also travel or commute during these periods with caution. If anyone is in distress or needs help, they can contact the embassy at 202-999-7690 or email

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Foreign news agencies reported that Hurricane Idalia had strengthened to a Category 3 hurricane with maximum wind speeds of 205 kilometres per hour, equivalent to the speed of a high-speed train yesterday, local time.

Idalia caused trees to fall, ripped off hotel roofs and turned cars into submerged boats before moving onto Georgia with reduced wind speeds of 150 kilometres per hour, followed by South Carolina. Reports stated that it weakened to a tropical storm in the afternoon of the same day and had wind speeds of 100 kilometres per hour by the evening of yesterday.

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