Flash flood in Sikkim, India, claims ten lives, 82 missing

Photo: by Pok Rie, on Pexels.

A sudden downpour over the Lhonak Lake in India’s northeastern Sikkim state resulted in a catastrophic flash flood, claiming at least ten lives with 82 people still unaccounted for. The deluge swept through the Teesta River, submerging vast areas and causing widespread damage.

Local authorities initially reported five fatalities with three more bodies recovered later. However, the BBC put the death toll at 14, with over 102 people missing, among them 23 soldiers.

The Indian military confirmed the disappearance of their personnel.

“As a result of the sudden heavy rainfall over Lhonak Lake in the northern part of Sikkim, a flash flood occurred in the Teesta River. Twenty-three of our personnel are missing, and reports suggest some vehicles are submerged under the mud. The army is currently conducting a search operation.”

The torrential rain and subsequent flooding didn’t spare the town of Rangpo. A vehicle caught in the flood was found atop a submerged building, and another under a tree.

The Teesta River, which flows through the Lachen Valley, also overflowed its banks, leaving homes surrounded by water, reported Khaosod.

The Indian army confirmed yesterday, October 4 that 23 soldiers were missing after the powerful flash flood swept through a valley in the mountainous northeast Sikkim state. The flood was triggered by intense rainfall, a common occurrence in the region but rarely with such disastrous outcomes.

In related news, the Thailand Meteorological Department issued a severe weather warning for heavy rainfall across 44 provinces, including an 80% area of Bangkok.

The public is advised to remain alert for sudden flash floods and forest runoff, particularly in low-lying and mountainous regions close to waterways.

This severe weather warning comes due to the Monsoon trough passing over the central, lower northeastern, and eastern parts of the country, moving into a low-pressure area along the central Vietnamese coast. Read more of this story HERE

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