Thai police ‘tourist-trap’ scammer nabbed: Hundreds of thousands in baht swindled

Photo: by Mikhail Nilvo, on Pexels.

A recent raid by the Thai police led to the arrest of a 52 year old man who is accused of scamming unsuspecting victims out of several hundred thousand baht through a fraudulent tour operation. The Thai man’s arrest occurred yesterday at a Surat Thani residence.

A concerted effort by law enforcement, spearheaded by officers from the 5th Crime Suppression Division, culminated in the pursuit and execution of multiple arrest warrants targeting the Thai man, Thanapat, accused of perpetrating fraud and related offences under the cheque law.

Thanapat’s operation involved the exploitation of various online platforms to promote enticing tour packages to the alluring destinations of Phuket and its neighbouring provinces.

With an apparent veneer of legitimacy, he would engage interested parties and secure payment for these tantalising tours. However, when the time arrived to fulfil his commitments, he would artfully invoke permit issues as a pretext, subsequently cancelling the tours, much to the chagrin of his unsuspecting victims.

The heartache for those ensnared in Thanapat’s scam didn’t end there. When the duped individuals rightfully demanded refunds for services not rendered, Thanapat resorted to issuing them cheques, ostensibly representing repayment. However, these cheques were empty promises, as they inevitably bounced, leaving the victims in financial distress and bewilderment.

Subsequent investigations painted a stark picture: Thanapat never possessed the means or intentions to orchestrate the promised tours, the entire enterprise was an elaborate ruse designed to swindle innocent people of their hard-earned money.

The consequences were dire, with a significant number of individuals falling prey to this scam, collectively losing a substantial sum amounting to several hundred thousand baht.

In the wake of his apprehension, Thanapat adamantly denied any wrongdoing, offering a staunch defence against the allegations. The legal process has since taken its course, as he has been transferred to the jurisdiction of the Pattaya Court, where further legal proceedings will determine the fate of this intricate case of fraud and deception.

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