Lobster burger allergy sparks caution among seafood enthusiasts

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A young man had a severe allergic reaction after eating a lobster burger from a well-known fast-food chain. He reported his experience on Facebook, stating he had never had seafood allergies before.

This lobster burger allergy occurred shortly after the launch of the Lobster Burger, priced at 385 Taiwan dollars (427 baht). This limited edition burger was only available in Taiwan with a total sale of 300,000 units, attracting many food enthusiasts.

However, one netizen shared his distressing experience on Facebook after consuming the famous fast-food chain’s burger. He was one of the customers who tried the Lobster Burger but developed severe allergic reactions post-consumption.

His entire body broke out in a rash, severe coughing ensued, and he had to struggle to breathe. The young man further explained that on that day, he had only consumed the burger before going to sleep and woke up with the described symptoms. This surprised him as he regularly consumes all types of seafood, including shrimp and crabs, and had never experienced an allergic reaction before.

As seen in the images, his hands, wrists, and feet were covered with thick red rashes as a result of the lobster burger allergy.

In his concluding statement, the young man warned people intending to buy the burger from this restaurant. He advised that people who have even a slight seafood allergy should refrain from trying this burger.

Meanwhile, the renowned fast-food brand responded promptly after seeing the lobster burger allergy post. They issued a statement saying that all their products comply with legal and relevant regulations, and allergens are mentioned on the official website, reported KhaoSod.

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