Factory supervisor’s brief intimate encounter sparks online uproar

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Shocking security footage has emerged online showing a factory supervisor having a brief sexual encounter with a female employee at an undisclosed factory in Guangdong Province, China. The clip sparked criticism and sparked a multitude of reactions from netizens.

According to the leaked footage taken from closed circuit cameras located in the factory premises, the supervisor is seen pacing back and forth, while a female worker is seated nearby. He approaches her quite closely and intimately, to which she does not offer much resistance, and responds by embracing him.

Subsequently, the woman moves her workstation near the production line and continues with her tasks. The male supervisor follows her and begins to hold her tightly. Eventually, they both undress and engage in a brief sexual act. Interestingly, the act lasts for only about three seconds before the supervisor jerks three times, and abruptly halts the encounter. Both parties hurriedly put their clothes back on and return to work as if nothing happened.

Upon the release of the footage, numerous netizens took to social media to discuss the event. Many expressed their astonishment at the brevity of the encounter, with comments such as:

The whole world knows in three seconds!,


It’s so thrilling, factory supervisor!, and

This speed… feels like being coerced.

In related news, a Chinese student couple’s intimate act inside a classroom was recorded by security cameras, leading to other students watching the incident in real time. The couple did not realise their actions were being recorded and viewed by others. Read full story HERE.

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