Erratic behaviour on high-speed train reveals woman’s struggle with mental health

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A shocking incident unfolded on a high-speed train in China when a woman suddenly rose and began to act erratically. Her strange behaviour, which included speaking incoherently and appearing to dance as if intoxicated, alarmed fellow passengers. As the situation escalated, a concerned onlooker contacted train staff, fearing something was amiss, raising concerns about the woman’s mental health.

The woman continued her unusual display, undeterred by the lack of intervention from other passengers. Amplifying her actions, she began to disrobe, leaving her completely naked, and ran through the train. This led many to speculate that she may be suffering from a mental health condition or under the influence of drugs.

Train staff, recognising the severity of the situation, tried to cover her up with clothes but faced resistance. She began to lash out at them and other passengers, causing injuries. It was only when the train reached the nearest station that police were able to intervene and remove her. At the police station, an elderly man who identified himself as her father was waiting.

The father revealed that the family was from Hubei, China and his daughter had been a happy, lively individual with a bright future. However, after a turbulent relationship, her mental health deteriorated significantly. Doctors diagnosed her with schizophrenia following severe emotional distress, reported Sanook.

Following a period of treatment in a psychiatric hospital, her father believed she was improving and brought her home. During her recovery, she managed to sneak onto the high-speed train, leading to the incident. After learning his daughter had attacked train staff, he apologised and offered to cover any medical expenses. The staff showed great compassion, expressing sympathy for the woman.

After the incident was shared online, most responses called for patience and support for those with mental health issues, highlighting the stark contrast between their world and those of mentally healthy individuals. They urged families to pay more attention to their loved ones and avoid leaving them alone, as unpredictable events could easily occur.

Additionally, internet users criticised those who took advantage of the woman’s vulnerable state by taking and sharing naked pictures of her online. They condemned these actions, accusing them of exploiting her image and turning her suffering into entertainment.

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