Thai man’s chest hair pillow for long-distance girlfriend sparks online debate

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A long-distance relationship can be challenging, and couples often find various ways to maintain their bond. Some people even resort to unconventional methods to alleviate the feeling of missing their partner. This became a controversial online topic when a man revealed what he believes to be his “greatest invention” – a pillow for his long-distance girlfriend, adorned with his chest hair. He claimed it to be the perfect gift for his girlfriend when she was far away and missing him.

The video of his chest hair pillow process was posted by Reilly Fitzsimmons on TikTok under the handle @rrrye. The footage chronicles the man plucking his chest hair and sewing it onto a pillow for his girlfriend. Additionally, he arranged the sewn hair into an artistic heart shape, symbolising the depth of his love for her.

While he considered this homemade project to be an exceptional creation with significant meaning, crafted with his creative thinking and hands-on skills, the video stirred mixed reactions when it went viral with millions of views. The comments section was filled with displeasure and disgust towards his creation, reported Sanook.

“Please don’t do this.”
“My smile has never disappeared this fast.”
“I think I would be terrified.”
“It looks horrifying.”

Many also decided to tag their partners, promising never to create a similar chest hair pillow.

However, this is not the first time the creator has invented such peculiar items. Previously, he made a toilet seat cushion from leg hair and shorts from Starbucks napkins for his girlfriend. He also confirmed that she liked his creations.

People have devised quirky ways of coping with long-distance relationships. Returning from a business trip, the man heard snoring sounds in the bedroom. Suspecting his wife’s lover, he was surprised to discover it was recordings of his snoring, a source of amusement for his wife during his absences. Read more HERE.

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