Dramatic rescue at Warner Bros park as scarf halts top roller coaster

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A dramatic incident unfolded at the Warner Bros Movie World amusement park on Australia’s Gold Coast when a scarf got caught in the wheels of one of the world’s tallest roller coasters. The quick-thinking staff, noticing the scarf, promptly halted the ride, ensuring the safety of all the visitors.

The DC Rivals HyperCoaster, standing at a formidable height of 61.6 metres and extending to 1399.9 metres in length, is renowned as one of the tallest, longest, and fastest roller coasters in the Southern Hemisphere, reaching top speeds of 115 kilometres per hour.

Constructed at an estimated cost of around 15 million pounds (US$19,036,630), the amusement park’s statement revealed that a well-trained ride operator had detected a scarf entangled around the roller coaster’s wheel, immediately engaging the control system to halt the ride around 3pm local time, reported New York Post.

“The ride operators and safety systems did what they were trained to do, and all guests on the ride were safe when the ride stopped in a designated zone. Our team is in the process of getting these guests down from the lift hill, a process that we are trained for and do regularly. As the lift hill is high, we will be supplying safety harnesses for guests. The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our highest priority, and the ride will reopen once the scarf has been removed” the statement read.

The park also acknowledged the potential frustration caused by such an interruption, emphasising the importance of adhering to the park’s rules, such as not taking loose items on rides and attractions.

The final passenger was safely on the ground by around 6pm local time, bringing an end to the three-hour ordeal. As a safety-first measure, the roller coaster will resume operations only after the scarf has been completely removed.

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