Body of Thai toddler found in fridge: Choked on sticky rice, reveals autopsy

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The lifeless body of a two year old boy, Theerapong Duangngam, also known as Nong Nai, was discovered inside a refrigerator in the bedroom of his adoptive parents, Hannarong, also known as Bank Praiphnom, and Marisa, also known as Koi, yesterday.

Theerapong ‘s autopsy report was released today. The report, disclosed to the media by Police Lieutenant Phruet Jamroonsart, head of Bang Bua Thong Police Station in Nonthaburi, revealed the cause of death.

A lump of sticky rice was found lodged in the boy’s windpipe, leading to his untimely demise. This finding corroborates the testimonies of his adoptive parents and Somboon, a blind man who goes by the nickname Pu Odd, who had given the child the sticky rice to eat, reported KhaoSod.

The Nonthaburi Provincial Police Commander, Police Lieutenant Colonel Prattana Phanpha, is set to announce the case summary at 2pm today. He is expected to confirm that Theerapong’s death was accidental, caused by choking on sticky rice, and not a disguised murder case.

The adoptive parents confessed that after the boy died unexpectedly, they hid his body in the refrigerator due to fear of repercussions. The blind man’s statement was taken by the police for further investigation into the case of the two year old’s body found in the refrigerator.

In related news, the body of a baby has been found in a freezer at a home in Chiang Mai along with children’s toys. The baby was stillborn and a report from the Bangkok Post says police suspect the father put the body in the freezer more than a year ago.

A man cleaning and renovating his 83 year old mother’s house found the frozen corpse wrapped in a yellow cloth in the freezer. Children’s toys were also found in the freezer. Read more about the body of a dead baby with children’s toys found in a freezer by clicking the link.

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