Serpent’s midnight joyride: Large python plays starring role in viral car caper

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A couple’s late-night drive near Cyberjaya, Malaysia was dramatically interrupted by an unexpected passenger – a large python that slithered across the car’s windscreen and refused to descend, leading to a viral social media sensation. The woman accompanying the driver even amusingly commented that the snake was “cute.”

Twitter user @Cikgu_Anep posted a video clip lasting 2 minutes and 48 seconds, which showcased the couple’s nerve-racking encounter with the large reptile while driving on a road near Cyberjaya.

The footage abruptly revealed a large python emerging from under the car’s bonnet, slithering across the windscreen. The Twitter user @Cikgu_Anep captioned the video, “Don’t panic. It’s just a python. It’s not venomous like a cobra. Find a safe place to park. Get out of the car. Run as fast as you can. Get a new car, please. Why is there a snake there? I can’t handle this.”

Contrarily, the couple in the video kept calm and felt bad for the python stuck in this predicament. Throughout the video, their empathetic voices can be heard, with the woman suggesting her male companion drive slowly, so the python doesn’t fall off the car.

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Simultaneously, the man expressed his fear as the snake headed towards the right tyre of the vehicle. At one point, the woman even referred to the python as “cute” as it crawled to the side mirror after failed attempts to leap off the car.

The video concluded with the revelation that the couple, with the python still on the windscreen, drove to the Fire and Rescue Department of Cyberjaya (JBPM), where two officials safely captured the python, even striking poses with the snake afterwards, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a large python was discovered nestled within a parked pickup truck in Chon Buri, causing a stir among locals. The snake had taken up residence in the vehicle while its owner took a brief pause for a roadside toilet break.

The snake was eventually captured and released back into the wild by the rescue unit of the Tri Khun Tham Chon Buri Foundation. Read more about this story HERE.

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