Python takes a ride in parked pickup truck in Chon Buri, causing local stir

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In an unusual incident, a large python was discovered nestled within a parked pickup truck in Chon Buri, causing a stir among locals. The snake had taken up residence in the vehicle while its owner took a brief pause for a roadside toilet break. The snake was eventually captured and released back into the wild by the rescue unit of the Tri Khun Tham Chon Buri Foundation.

The Tri Khun Tham Chon Buri Foundation’s rescue unit today was alerted to the presence of a large python slithering into a civilian’s pickup near the roadside along the Ban Suan-Ban Bueng route in Ban Suan Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chon Buri Province.

Upon arrival, the team found a bronze Toyota Vigo pickup truck with Chon Buri registration plate number กร 9280 parked at the side of the road. After inspecting the vehicle, they discovered the snake hidden in the rear wheel arch of the pickup truck, reported KhaoSod.

The team spent more than 40 minutes using snake-catching equipment to finally extract the python from the pickup. The snake measured over 3 metres in length and weighed approximately 15 kilogrammes. Once captured, the snake was placed into a bag and later released back into the wild.

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Upon interviewing the owner of the vehicle, 52 year old Aphirom Nueangjumnong, it was revealed that he was on his way home when the incident occurred.

Aphirom had stopped his vehicle to relieve himself when he saw the large python crawling into his vehicle. Unable to intervene, he also did not dare to kill the snake for fear of sinning, and thus promptly alerted the rescue team to assist in removing the snake from his vehicle.

Aphirom expressed surprise at how quickly the snake had slithered into his vehicle, interpreting the event as an auspicious sign of forthcoming luck.

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