Unusual Halloween costume shocks crowd at Chiang Mai bar Halloween bash

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

Halloween celebrations at a popular local bar took a spooky turn when a customer, dressed in an unusual Halloween costume, as a ghost with a belly, stunned the crowd. The costume, complete with dark skin and blood effects, proved to be a show-stopper, attracting attention and widespread amusement from the online community.

The Halloween festival, which unfolded yesterday, saw a wave of well-known influencers and entertainers flaunting their elaborate and eerie costumes. However, it was the party-goers who truly stole the show, with many local restaurants and bars offering discounts and rewards to the most creatively dressed attendees, making the atmosphere in these establishments even more vibrant.

One such attendee, Yuttana Hirunpathrapakdi, took to Facebook to share a photo of a particularly impressive and unusual Halloween costume, captioning it, “Sometimes the Halloween costumes of the customers are too much, aren’t they? So scary 5555.”

The photograph showcased a customer dressed in traditional Thai clothing, portraying a pregnant ghost. The costume was beyond ordinary, with its dark skin effects, scattered blood, and devilish contact lenses, leaving onlookers startled.

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The post received a deluge of likes and comments from the online community.

“Is that really a customer?”

“I thought it was real.”

“Scared to go back.”

“Afraid to go to the toilet alone.”

“Did anyone scream when they saw themselves in the mirror?”

“Foreigners celebrate Halloween for fun, Thais celebrate Halloween to die.”

In addition to this, there were numerous other customers who went all out with their costumes, contributing to the lively atmosphere in the bar. The photographs shared on Facebook displayed a collection of unique and creative costumes, proving that when it comes to Halloween celebrations in Thailand, no effort is spared, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a Thai rescuer celebrated Halloween yesterday by donning a devil costume representing the Thai-style messenger of death called Yom-ma-thut.

The 53 year old rescuer, Narongsak Noppasit, from the Jaturatham Pratheep Foundation in the Panthong district of Chon Buri province, shared a picture of himself in a fancy dress costume on the foundation’s official Facebook page yesterday with the caption “Ready to serve!” Read more about this story HERE.

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