Chinese man assaults wife at City Hall before divorce

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A terrible assault has drawn significant attention online after a husband brutally attacked his wife within the confines of a governmental department in China. Despite intervention from officers present, he continued to assault her before they eventually divorced.

The shocking incident reportedly happened yesterday morning at a marriage registry situated within Pinhai City Hall in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, China. A camera recorded the husband relentlessly assaulting his wife as she sat on a chair.

Local media outlets reported that the couple suddenly started arguing in the lobby. Security personnel tried to intervene swiftly, however, the man refused to stand down. Eventually, the police had to be called in to handle the situation. Subsequently, the couple completed the procedure for divorce, marking the end of their marriage.

The video of the distressing incident ignited widespread debate online once it was revealed. Many questioned why the police didn’t arrest the man and press legal charges against him for his actions, reported Sanook.

“God, stay away from this man!”

“I guess there’s a history of domestic violence already.”

“If she had divorced any slower, she might have died.”

“Lucky she divorced him. Anyone can imagine what kind of life this woman had.”

“So, just divorce and that’s it? Don’t the police arrest someone for beating others? Isn’t beating someone illegal?”

“Because it’s domestic violence, the police won’t get involved or what?”

“This man has surely been beating his wife all along. Now she is his ex-wife, and he should be charged with a crime!”

In other news in China, a working actress at a haunted house attraction was sexually harassed by a visitor. This encounter has sparked an outcry in the Chongqing province.

The young actress works as a scare actor at the horror-themed house. A rude male visitor, grabbed the actress’s chest and other body parts while using suggestive language. For more information, click the LINK to read more.

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