Chinese groom defends plus-sized bride against wedding day ridicule

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A recent wedding in Jiangsu province, China, became a hot topic due to the stark contrast in the bride and groom’s appearances.

The bride, who weighed over 200 kilogrammes, was publicly ridiculed for her size, causing her to cry during her wedding ceremony. On the other hand, the groom, a standard-sized man, was left to console his new wife amidst the cruel laughter and gossip of the guests.

On the cold day of the wedding, March 4, everyone was dressed in heavy coats to protect against the frigid 10-degree Celsius temperature. However, the bride, clad in a thin wedding dress, stood out not only because of her attire but also because of her large size. The sight of the bride and groom together accentuated the difference in their appearances, and some villagers even laughed at the bride’s physique.

The bride, hurt by the harsh whispers and snide comments, shed tears on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

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The groom, seeing his wife upset, felt helpless as he could not stop others from making fun of her. He consoled her gently, not wanting to cause a scene that could affect the wedding atmosphere or the reputation of both families, reported Sanook.

However, when it was time to thank the guests for attending their wedding, the groom not only expressed his gratitude but also his disdain.

“I hope everyone came to the wedding to celebrate and express joy, not to laugh and ridicule.”

His clear and meaningful words made some guests feel ashamed of their earlier behaviour.

The groom continued, explaining that many people had opposed his decision to marry this woman, assuming he was interested in her wealth. However, he confirmed that his wife came from an ordinary rural family and was not as wealthy as some had imagined.

He insisted that their love was genuine and he intended to marry her because he believed that true love transcends wealth or poverty, fat or thin, beauty or ugliness. What matters most is the compatibility of their souls.

Thinking about the difficulties they had faced together, the groom could not help but shed tears himself. He hugged his bride in the middle of the stage and cried openly.

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