Nurse bride halts wedding to save convulsing child, hailed as ‘most beautiful bride’ online

Photo: Sanook.

A nurse bride in China halted her wedding ceremony immediately to save a child’s life, earning her the title of “the most beautiful bride” from netizens. The incident took place when a child attending the wedding began to convulse due to a high fever.

The bride, Chang, a paediatric nurse from Luliang City, Shanxi province, didn’t think twice before suspending the ceremony to assist the unwell child.

Chinese media reports stated that as the couple was preparing to walk down the aisle, the groom’s brother rushed in to inform them about a young girl having a seizure. Chang, aware of the situation, promptly stopped the ceremony and went to check on the girl, who was discovered to have a high fever and was convulsing.

She cared for the young girl until her fever subsided. After about ten minutes, the girl’s condition improved. Chang advised the girl’s family about precautions to be taken and waited until the child was taken to the hospital before resuming the ceremony.

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The photographer, Wen, explained that the girl had a slight fever that day, which could have been due to the weather conditions, but suddenly she fell severely ill and started convulsing. She also continually bit her tongue, causing great concern for her family, reported Sanook.

The nurse bride later stated that as a medical professional, it’s her responsibility to help save lives and treat injuries.

“The wedding was put on hold, and we had to help the child first.”

Once the clip was shared, numerous netizens praised Chang.

“The most beautiful bride.”

“A true angel in a white dress! The groom is very lucky to be married to her.”

“An angel.”

“Such a warm-hearted bride.”

Some netizens also criticized the parents of the feverish girl.

“I don’t know what the parents were thinking, taking a sick child to a crowded place.”

“I’m speechless about such parents.”

“Just stay at home when your child has a fever.”

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