Chinese kindergarten principal’s illicit affair with student’s dad ignites online uproar

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A relationship beyond the usual teacher-parent interaction between a kindergarten principal and a student’s father in Guangxi, China sparked controversy on social media. The principal’s husband revealed the scandal, accusing his wife of having an “intimate relationship” with the student’s father, providing photographic evidence of them sharing a hotel room multiple times, at least three to four times per month, bringing their illicit affair to light.

The husband further shared that the man, his wife was involved with, was a typical individual with nothing special. He was a father to a 3 year old, unemployed for three years, and separated from his ex-wife due to life incompatibility. He currently lives with his elderly parents, looking after his son.

Interestingly, the female principal of the kindergarten and the man she was involved with had been friends for over 10 years. The principal even attended his wedding. However, when they reconnected, they may have developed deep feelings due to the old atmosphere and began an unlawful relationship.

Their illicit affair continued until the husband noticed his wife’s abnormal behaviour. He hired a private detective to follow his wife, and eventually, he received a shocking ending, his wife was cheating on him, reported Sanook.

This event has garnered significant criticism, the principal’s behaviour is considered a breach of professional ethics and morality. Many on social networks are discussing and worrying about her future path. It might be challenging for parents to accept an immoral person educating their children.

The Ministry of Education and related departments have temporarily suspended the female principal, stating that they are coordinating to verify the truth.

The illicit affair event has severely impacted the image of the education sector and public opinion locally. They affirmed that once the official conclusion from the authorities is available, the perpetrator will be dealt with strictly according to the regulations.

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