Netizens show no sympathy for couple who crash after kissing on motorcycle (video)

Chinese couple crashed while kissing on motorcycle, photo via Sanook.

Netizens are showing no sympathy for a Chinese couple who crashed after kissing on a motorcycle.

A video released by the police in Weinan, Shaanxi province of China, sparked an online debate after it showed a couple involved in an accident after kissing on a motorcycle. The incident took place late at night on April 21.

The footage captured the young couple riding together on the motorcycle without wearing helmets and kissing passionately throughout their journey. Even though the roads were relatively empty, the swaying of the vehicle concerned viewers who watched the video.

As the pair approached an intersection, the motorcycle suddenly veered to the left. The male rider stopped the bike at the junction and turned around to kiss his girlfriend again.

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However, it appeared that the couple was too absorbed in their romantic moment to notice the traffic lights, and they proceeded through a yellow light at the intersection. Consequently, a car coming from the right struck the motorcycle, causing them both to be thrown off.

The released video showed the male rider sitting on the roadside, seemingly not severely injured, while the female lay on the ground unable to get up.

Upon its release, the video caused heated discussions on social media platforms. Many netizens were unsympathetic to the couple’s situation, sarcastically referring to their passionate kiss as a “true farewell.”

The unusual circumstances surrounding the accident highlighted the importance of road safety and the need for motorcyclists to adhere strictly to traffic rules. The video footage shows that the couple were also not wearing helmets.

As the video continues to circulate online, the condition of the couple remains unclear. However, they will likely face legal consequences for their actions, which put not only their own lives at risk but also those of other road users.

Ultimately, this incident should serve as a cautionary tale for all road users to remain vigilant, follow traffic rules, and consider the potential consequences of their actions before engaging in any behaviour that might jeopardise their safety or that of others.

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