Homeless teen attacks and injures homeless man in Pattaya

Photo by The Pattaya News.

A homeless teenager attacked and injured a homeless man in Pattaya on Friday. Emergency responders arrived at the scene near an abandoned house on Soi Thep Prasit 17 in the Nong Prue sub-district of Bang Lamung district. There, they found the injured homeless man, believed to be around 50 years old, bleeding heavily from four severe wounds on his shoulder and head.

The victim was then taken to a nearby hospital for medical assistance.

A witness, identified only as 48 year old Aoi, shared with local news that the injured man had asked a homeless teenager to fix a bicycle. However, the request seemed threatening to the suspect, sparking a verbal disagreement that quickly escalated into a physical altercation. The confrontation involved glass bottles and a knife, leading to the man’s injuries.

There have been four recent incidents involving fights between homeless people in Pattaya, and city officials have acknowledged this issue as a growing concern. In a separate incident, a homeless man sustained serious injuries in a public altercation, The Pattaya News reported.

In the most widely publicised of these incidents, a man who had been living on the streets was reportedly involved in an altercation with another homeless individual at a temple fair.

This episode has garnered increased attention and raised questions about the safety and wellbeing of Pattaya’s homeless community.

Last week, a homeless woman in Pattaya was arrested after using a meat cleaver to attack a man whom she claimed had attempted to rape her. According to her account, on the night of the incident, Somjit had been sharing some drinks with a 52 year old homeless man named Sujin, inside the obscure location they called home. Unexpectedly, their friendly gathering took a violent turn as Sujin allegedly began to assault her with the intent to rape her. Fighting back in what she perceived as self-defence, Somjit seized the meat cleaver nearby and dealt a sharp blow to Sujin’s head.

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