China’s steamy lovers’ spat strips down to viral sensation

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A heated lovers’ tiff in China that culminated in a startling public display of nudity has been making waves online. The squabble, illustrating a bizarre romantic meltdown, has dumbfounded netizens, leading to a flurry of bemused comments, asking…

“What is going on?”

In the video shared on the mirrormedia website, a couple can be seen arguing at the entrance of an Internet cafe and a tutoring school. The initial exchange seems like a standard lovers’ quarrel, but it soon escalates. Out of nowhere, the woman’s anger explodes and she removes her skirt and underwear, exposing her lower body for all to see. Her boyfriend, shocked at her actions, quickly clasps her in his arms and attempts to shield her modesty as best he can, reported Sanook.

However, their earlier argument had already drawn the attention of nearby bystanders. Some pulled out their cameras and had begun filming from the early exchanges, managing to capture the dramatic peak of the woman’s meltdown. When the clip was uploaded on the Internet, it incited a volley of critical comments such as…

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“She’s just taking off her pants because she hasn’t got her way?”

“I don’t understand what this is about.”

“She’s gone too far.”

“It’s tiring having to deal with people like this.”

The comments highlight the public’s bewilderment at the bizarre scene played out in broad daylight.

A similar display of nudity recently happened in Bangkok. A newly-opened aquarium at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok has been criticized by netizens after the shop owner hired some sexy models to swim in the tanks with the bizarre fish.

The aquarium fish shop, Arowana Mall, hired 20 sexy models for its grand opening event. Each model wore a bikini while two of the sexy girls climbed into the huge fish tanks and swam with the tropical fish. To read more click HERE

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