Ancient dreams become a bone-chilling reality as homeowner uncovers hidden secrets in Lopburi province

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The construction of a bathroom at a property located in Lopburi province has unexpectedly unveiled an ancient secret. The homeowner reported an unusual occurrence of dreams about an ancient woman that led to every homeowner’s worst nightmare – the unearthing of human remains.

Thanyanan revealed that in his dreams he was asked by an ancient lady to dig up her body due to an unbearable stench and filth. The woman was dressed in an era-appropriate attire with her breasts wrapped and a belt-like accessory tied around her waist. Initially sceptical about his dreams, he began to pay more attention when he experienced the same vision for the second time.

Thanyanan’s surprise at these dreams was compounded by the fact that he had occupied the property for five years without experiencing such dreams. He made known that he had also invested over 50,000 baht (US$1,420) in the bathroom’s construction. As these dream experiences began to worry her, she sought guidance from a ritual expert in relation to inviting spirits for a ceremony.

Subsequently, after conducting the ceremony, he decided to excavate approximately 2 metres in his bathroom area. To his disbelief, he discovered actual skeletal remnants split into tiny fragments. Alongside the fragments, ancient utensils were also uncovered. The sceptic homeowner found it challenging to dig out the pieces and thus had to remove them part by part, reported KhaoSod.

It is estimated that the excavation site contains around three decomposed bodies. Interestingly, his son, 33 year old Saranyu Tangthong, also experienced similar dreams involving requests to continue the excavation. He mentioned that his dream indicated the likely discovery of another three bodies. However, the family has been hesitant to proceed further with the dig and deemed it wise to report the matter to the Fine Arts Department for a thorough investigation before advancing further.

Undoubtedly, the intriguing narrative takes an equally interesting turn towards mysteries surrounding ancient human civilisations. The uncovering of these long-lost artefacts and the unusual dreams that led to their discovery adds another layer to the allure and enigma of the archaic past. Thanyanan said…

“There appear to be three bodies buried there, but we have yet to proceed with the excavation. We will report this to the Fine Arts Department first.”

The event echoes the timeless saying that digging on one’s ground can lead to unearthing histories. Despite the initial hesitation, the brave decision by Thanyanan to investigate has revealed an unsuspected archaeological finding, potentially offering unique historical insights.

To be continued…

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