Chinese groom swiftly marries another after ex’s hefty dowry demand of 1.8 million baht

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A particularly intriguing drama unfolded recently at a wedding in China, as the groom’s former flame made a surprise appearance at the ceremony. The ex-girlfriend was reportedly bereft on learning that the man she had dated for merely one month had chosen to tie the knot with another woman.

A series of events led to this fascinating saga that took social media by storm. As per the Chinese website, Sohu, the groom, referred to as ‘A’ was acquainted with his former girlfriend, ‘B’ from their workplace. The pair had been in a relationship that spanned seven years, ultimately deciding to marry.

The problematic element was the dowry demand set by B’s family, which stood at 380,000 yuan (1.85 million baht). A’s family were not financially affluent, and a dowry of such magnitude was beyond their reach. Despite amassing their resources together, they fell short of the required amount. Consequently, they approached ‘s family to negotiate the dowry in the hope of a potential reduction.

However, B’s family maintained their stance and refused to decrease the dowry as per A’s family’s appeal. Moreover, they demanded an additional 300,000 yuan (approximately 1.45 million baht) to purchase a contemporary car as a further dowry episode. They believed their daughter was beautiful and talented, so such requests were customary.

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A yearning for B to step in and assist in alleviating her family’s excessive demands. Instead, she opted for silence, agreeing to the car demand, as she coveted parity with her affluent friends.

Frustrated with her attitude and her family’s intransigence, A opted to dissolve his relationship with B. Although he was keen to salvage their romance, their financial incapacity to meet B’s family’s dowry demands made him reconsider his decision, reported Sohu.

Following his breakup with B, A was distraught but determined to marry and not let his parents down. By means of matchmaking, he found another woman with whom he shared his past. The woman was understanding towards his past and was sympathetic. Gradually, A started developing an affectionate bond with her.

A month later, A arranged his wedding. His family and friends attended to celebrate the joyous occasion. B, upon learning about this news, experienced feelings of rejection and despair. She stormed into the wedding, only to discover her former sweetheart was now someone else’s husband.

Once the story spread on social media, it caused quite a stir. The majority opined that A marrying so promptly after breaking up with his former girlfriend was hasty. Others, however, suggested that perhaps A had finally met someone who loved, understood, and accepted his family situation without imposing financial conditions.

Despite B’s longstanding love for A, her lack of understanding and prioritising money over love led to the dissolution of their seven-year-long relationship. Therefore, A’s decision to move on and marry another woman could resonate as a valuable lesson for her and other women with a similar mindset.

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