Chinese company pays severance in coins: Woman in Anhui receives 17300 baht in change

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A female employee in Anhui province, China, was dismissed from her job and paid her severance entirely in coins. The company justified the unusual payment method, claiming there were no rules prohibiting such a practice.

The woman, who was let go on September 19, claimed the company cited poor performance as the reason for her dismissal. The company was reducing its workforce, and she was among those affected. According to her salary base at the time, she was due 3,500 yuan (17,300 baht) as severance pay. However, the employer aimed to deduct 700 yuan (3,500 baht) for various benefits, reported Sanook.

After a two-hour discussion with her employer, they agreed not to deduct the amount, and the company would pay her the following month. However, when the agreed date arrived, the employer paid her severance in coins, totalling 3,000 coins and weighing several tens of kilogrammes. The woman perceived this as a severe insult, forcing her to carry the coins home.

“There are no rules against paying severance in coins.”

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The woman confessed she was shocked.

“I felt deeply humiliated when I saw the coins. It was like a slap in the face.”

She now plans to complain to the local labour department about the company’s unprofessional behaviour.

Last year, employees at a motorbike shop in Chon Buri province, eastern Thailand, couldn’t believe it when a customer asked if he could pay for a brand spanking new Honda PCX – for a price of 102,500 baht – with coins.

Most people in Thailand have a pile of pennies they don’t know what to do with, but not nearly enough to buy a motorcycle.

An employee at the store, Suwanna, said a customer rang the shop and enquired whether it would be possible to pay with coins, to which the store said yes. Then, the customer came into the shop and chose a Honda PCX160 model. To read more click HERE

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