TikTok sensation wins hearts selling sour milk in Lopburi (video)

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Social media is abuzz with the story of an attractive young woman selling sour milk, which sparked a wave of admiration from netizens since yesterday.

The TikTok user @bank_mtts46, a fruit buffet trader based in Lopburi province with a large following, posted a clip of the pretty teenager selling sour milk at a junction. He pointed out that she was not there to create content but was genuinely selling, calling her a star of their channel.

The clip features Zeen, a beautiful girl who regularly appears on the poster’s channel, becoming a well-known figure among the fans and instantly turning into a TikTok star.

She was seen selling sour milk at the Eravan intersection in Lopburi province. As soon as she spotted the camera and recognised who was filming, she immediately smiled. The poster further added…

“I want to praise and support the hardworking girl. I think she’s not only beautiful. She is genuinely selling at the Eravan intersection in Lopburi from 5pm to 8pm.”


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♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – ชิบหายบุฟเฟ่ – ชิบหายบุฟเฟ่

Meanwhile, Zeen also posted the clip on her TikTok channel @zeenjrpy, inviting people to come and support her at the Eravan intersection.

Following the spread of the post, a large number of people commented and expressed their surprise that Zeen was seriously selling sour milk. They also admired Zeen’s hard work and her non-selective attitude towards work, reported KhaoSod.

In a heartwarming display of compassion on the streets of Bang Pla in the central Samut Prakan province, residents from the nearby Darul Ameen community came together to assist a vendor whose sour milk cart had a mishap.

They extended their support by buying one or two bags of sour milk, leaving the vendor profoundly thankful for their kindness and generosity. Read more HERE.

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