Chinese butcher deboning lamb with mouth sparks outrage

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A video clip showing a Chinese butcher in Anhui province, Eastern China, using his mouth to debone raw lamb has caused an uproar on Chinese social media, according to a report from the South China Morning Post. The butcher asserts that this technique has been in practice for several decades and can be executed without contaminating the meat with saliva if done by an expert.

The video, which has been widely circulated, features the Chinese butcher deboning the lamb carcass with his teeth, a practice that alarmed many viewers due to the apparent food safety risks, particularly bacterial infection for both the seller and buyers. The shop in question is located in Anhui province, an eastern Chinese region.

Reactions from the public have been increasingly concerned about food safety, especially regarding potential bacterial contamination. A representative from the local government clarified that the Chinese butcher shop had been inspected and that the video was merely a marketing gimmick to attract attention to the business.

The representative stated that this is definitely not a traditional technique, reported Sanook.

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“There is no prior record of people using their teeth to debone raw lamb carcasses.”

Despite the government representative’s explanation, the video continued to draw severe criticism from online users.

“It’s disgusting, completely unsanitary.”

“The risk of bacteria in raw meat being easily transmitted by using the mouth is dangerous and potentially life-threatening. This is the first time I’ve been more worried about the seller’s life than my own.”

“Claiming that this is a long-standing professional practice does not make what he’s doing any less horrifying.”

The incident ignited a debate about food safety and traditional practices, highlighting the need for stringent food safety regulations.

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