December horoscope: Astrologer reveals fortune in Thai baht

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As the year-end approaches, astrologer Thosporn cautions zodiac signs to stay vigilant during the final month of this year. The warning comes as he unveils the horoscope for December, highlighting the signs that will enjoy good fortune, those set to receive a significant monetary windfall, and those expected to experience luck in their relationships. However, some signs may face deception.

In a recent reveal, Thosporn emphasised the tendency for people to let their guard down during the last month of the year. Individuals born under the signs of Rooster, Ox, and Rabbit, who host the year, must be especially careful. He recommends activities such as merit-making and temple visits to mitigate the harsh influence of the stars.

For Aries, the final month brings good fortune and a potential increase in income. However, expenditure is also expected to rise. Love relationships are set to intensify this winter. Taurus should be wary of workplace upheaval but can anticipate luck from risky investments in December.

Gemini will see financial progress and potential investment opportunities, but conflicts may arise in the workplace and love relationships.

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Cancer will relish in good fortune for the final month of the year, with positive changes in work and assistance in business and love relationships, ending the year beautifully.

Leo needs to be cautious about financial losses due to scams in December, while Virgo’s life is set to improve despite the recent entry of Rahu, the shadow planet.

December horoscope

Libra will see significant financial gains and progress in December, with opportunities to earn from various sources. Scorpio is expected to grab a large chunk of money but needs to watch out for conflicts at work and in love relationships. Sagittarius may experience a seesaw of gains and losses, while Capricorn could anticipate a promotion or career advancement, reported KhaoSod.

Aquarius needs to plan its expenses carefully due to the direct impact of Rahu causing significant financial losses. However, good news in their work and love relationships is expected. Pisces, despite the entry of Rahu, stands to gain a significant amount of money but needs to be cautious about their health.

The influence of the stars in December will make their work robust and provide new opportunities. However, singles should focus on their work, while those in a relationship should support each other.

In this month of change and anticipation, Thosporn’s advice and predictions offer a guide to navigating the final month of the year. Whether you believe in astrology or not, his words serve as a reminder to be cautious and aware as we bid farewell to this year.

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