Bride defends groom from pranksters at their wedding in Sichuan, China

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In an unusual wedding spectacle, a bride fiercely defended her groom from playful friends, wielding a stick and threatening them if they dared to approach her husband. Taking place in Sichuan, China, this event adds a unique touch to the couple’s commitment to care for each other in their future journey together.

The couple, Li, from Sichuan, and his bride, met through a mutual friend and after a period of getting to know each other, they decided to tie the knot. On their wedding day, they were surrounded by their loved ones, friends, and relatives who came to witness their exchange of vows and celebrate their union.

As the wedding ceremony concluded, the groom’s friends took to the stage to carry out their planned prank. They lifted the groom and carried him out of the wedding venue towards a roadside pole, intending to tie him to it. This humorous scene was only made more entertaining when the bride showed up, brandishing a stick to fend off the pranksters.

The bride did not just threaten the friends, she also struck a few with her stick, causing them to scatter in fear. However, a few brave souls regrouped and tried to approach the tied groom again, only to be deterred by the stick-wielding bride who challenged them to try again, reported Sanook.

The spectacle drew the attention of passersby, who were amused by the bride’s actions. Many commented on not just her beauty but also her courage and love for her husband, as she stood up to protect him. The groom, stood smiling, seeming to enjoy the scene and challenge his friends to dare mess with him.

However, after witnessing the bride’s unyielding stance, the groom’s friends decided to call off their prank, thus ending the game.

Netizens expressed their thoughts on this event, saying that the groom was lucky to have married such a woman. She was not only beautiful but also openly expressive of her feelings and brave enough to protect her husband.

Marriage is a crucial event for two individuals as they promise to spend their lives together. Therefore, no one wants their partner to be hurt or in pain, a sentiment clearly reflected by this particular bride.

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