Caught in bed: Cheating wife shields lover, demands husband admit mistakes

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A married woman was caught red-handed with her lover, boldly protecting him even as her husband attacked them both physically. The cheating wife had tried to end her marriage unsuccessfully, and argued for her husband to own up to his mistakes, further infuriating him.

Reporters said that in a viral case in China, a husband, alongside his friends, caught his wife in bed with another man, completely naked. Despite his violent rage, the unfaithful wife maintained her composure, using her body to shield her lover from her husband’s attacks. She did not shy away from the confrontation, instead demanding her husband…

“Admit your own mistakes!”

He replied in shock…

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“What have I done wrong?”

The woman says she has wanted to get a divorce from her husband for a long time and has done everything she can to start the legal process. In spite of this, the husband stayed firm throughout their marriage. He has told her many times…

“You are my woman.”

During the whole heated argument, neither side showed any sign that they were going to back down, reported Sanook.

While it is unclear where and when the video was filmed, it has since garnered significant attention online. Many netizens commented…

“It feels like the woman and her lover are more like spouses.”

“Cheating is not a crime, but the physical abuse is; These people really seem messed up.”

In related news, a 27 year old woman from China weaved a crooked web of deception by concealing her pregnancy from her fiancé and deceiving him into marrying her.

The 40 year old man found himself facing a challenging dilemma upon discovering the truth about his cheating wife. He eventually realized that continuing the marriage was not a viable solution. Read more about the story of betrayal and deception HERE.

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