Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast mourns the loss of beloved co-star Andre Braugher at 61 (video)

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The vibrant world of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been dimmed as the beloved Andre Braugher, aka Captain Raymond Holt, has passed away at the age of 61.

The cast paid homage to their co-star’s legacy, sharing cherished memories and celebrating the man behind the iconic character.

The news of Andre Braugher’s passing shocked the entertainment world, leaving the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine grief-stricken. The ensemble, known for their camaraderie on and off-screen, took to social media to pay tribute to the late actor, remembering him not just for his phenomenal portrayal of Captain Holt but for the wisdom and kindness that touched their lives.

Terry Crews, the gym-loving Terry Jeffords, expressed his sorrow on Instagram.

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“This hurts. You left us too soon. You taught me so much… I love you, man.”

Crews reminisced about Braugher’s impact on him, highlighting the lessons in wisdom, advice, kindness, and friendship.

Melissa Fumero, who portrayed Detective Amy Santiago, shared a poignant beach photo, describing it as the starting point for many deep conversations that she’ll dearly miss. Fumero acknowledged Braugher’s infectious laugh, calling it one of the all-time greatest laughs to have ever existed.

Stephanie Beatriz, the tough Detective Rosa Diaz, reflected on a pivotal scene addressing serious issues of homophobia. Chelsea Peretti, the quick-witted Gina Linetti, shared her gratitude for the journey, feeling forever lucky to have gone on such a journey with Braugher.

Cast mourn in disbelief

The cast united in expressing their grief and disbelief. Peretti pondered on the fact that she is also grieving for Braugher’s character, Captain Raymond Holt. Both Peretti and Fumero expressed their sadness at not being able to see their co-star again, reported BBC News.

Joe Lo Truglio, the hopeless romantic Charles Boyle, shared behind-the-scenes anecdotes, praising Braugher’s commitment to family and his incredible singing talents.

“The man was so full of song, and that’s why the world took notice.”

In a touching tribute, Marc Evan Jackson, Braugher’s on-screen husband, shared a simple yet powerful message.

“O Captain. My Captain.”

The image of the two embracing, wedding rings visible, encapsulates the profound bond they shared.

Dirk Blocker, who played Michael Hitchcock, expressed devastation, describing Braugher as fiercely intelligent, remarkably kind, supportive, generous, and possessing a deep and extraordinary talent. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine family mourns a true legend, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and co-stars alike.

Andre Braugher’s publicist, Jennifer Allen, confirmed his death following a brief illness, leaving fans with heavy hearts and fond memories of the remarkable actor.

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