21 Thai gamblers arrested for illegal hi-lo game in Taiwan

Photo by police in the Shilin district of Taipei via United Daily News

A Thai woman and 20 Thai gamblers were arrested in Taiwan on October 1 for playing at an illegal gaming house.

Taiwanese media, United Daily News (UDN) and Mirror Media, reported that police in the Shilin district of Taipei were notified about the operation of an illegal casino at a two-story house rented by a 63 year old Thai woman surnamed Lou.

The officers reported that Lou got Taiwanese citizenship when she married a Taiwanese man 30 years ago, adding she often visited the country and last month rented the house for gambling purposes.

Lou made a living by operating gaming houses for Thai people in Taiwan who enjoyed playing the hi-lo game. She installed four CCTV cameras around the house to monitor the situation outside which allowed her to contact clients and let them know when it was safe to come and go.

But lou gambled one time too many and suspicious undercover officers surrounded the house and raided the premises on October 1 at 10pm.

According to the police report, all 20 gamblers arrested were Thai and most of them had lived in Taiwan for a long time. The youngest gambler was aged 30 years old and the oldest gambler was aged 60 years old. One person from the group was working in Taiwan illegally while another one overstayed his visa.

Police seized money of 590,000 Taiwan dollars (700,000 baht), gambling tools, and a bill counter from the gaming house.

Lou and the gamblers were taken to a local police station for further questioning where they were charged with illegal gambling and violating social order law.

The two gamblers who violated immigration law were sent to the immigration division for further prosecution.

People found guilty of gambling in Taiwan face fines of about 50,000 Taiwan dollars (60,000 baht). Fines in Thailand are less severe at 1,000 baht but offenders do face up to a year in jail if found guilty.

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