Songkhla temple encourages solar cell donations, not traditional wax candles, for Lent

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

A temple in Songkhla province put up a clear sign requesting that instead of offering traditional wax candles for the upcoming Buddhist Lent, supporters should donate solar cells. The use of local language on the signage has added a touch of levity and sparked conversation amongst the community.

Lieb Temple has grabbed attention with its unique request showcased on banners placed around the temple’s four-way red light zone and some parts of the interior. The messages are written in the local dialect, enhancing understanding and generating sparks of amusement amongst patrons and community members.

The head monk of the temple, Phra Khru Nopakitch Gosal, was the one behind these locally worded signs. The unique southern Thai dialect message, “Tien Sa Yang Luy Ley Yom Hwai Solar Cell Tae,” essentially means that there are still many candles left from the Buddhist Lent, and if supporters wish to offer more, they should consider donating a solar cell instead. A physical model of the requested solar cell is also placed alongside the sign, further stimulating the laughter and intrigue of local folks passing by, reported Sanook.

Similar signs are found in front of the temple’s central hall and the head monk’s dormitory. Solar cells have even been installed around the temple’s premises, illuminating its vicinities. These have replaced the old-style neon bulb lights.

The temple has thus requested immediate offerings of solar cells from generous patrons who intended to purchase candles for Buddhist Lent. As past experiences have shown, solar cells have significantly contributed to the cut down of electricity expenses.

The pictures of these signs have gone viral online, especially amongst the southern Thai community due to the temple using the local dialect.

Several netizens opined that as times are changing, temples and Buddhist followers must also adapt. The temple’s clear-cut explanation of what they need has been appreciated, helping congregants directly contribute to its specific needs, resulting in maximal utility and benefits.

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