Pakistani family defends accused in high-profile German businessman murder

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The family of the Pakistani man, arrested yesterday for his involvement in the murder of the German businessman Hans Peter Mack, say he is innocent. The family of the arrested man, Sahruk Kareem Uddin, pointed the finger of blame towards another suspect, a German woman, Petra Christl Grundgreif. They accused Grundgrief of tricking him into the plot to murder the 62 year old German businessman.

Police officers in the central province of Kanchanaburi yesterday arrested the 27 year old Pakistani suspect at a hotel where he was hiding from arrest. Officers then accompanied Uddin to Nong Prue Police Station in Chon Buri for questioning.

When Uddin arrived at the police station, he declined to give an interview with the awaiting reporters. Instead, he requested that they patiently await the details of the questioning from the police.

Shortly thereafter, Uddin’s family, including his father, mother, and older brother, arrived at the police station to meet with him before he was temporarily imprisoned.

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Uddin’s father reported to the police and media that the family knew the German woman, Grundgreif, who was arrested before Uddin. Two years ago, Grundgreif contacted the family expressing interest in establishing a seafood business in Pattaya.

Grundgreif urged the family to order seafood products for her adding she would pay for them at a later date. However, the family, suspicious of Grundgreif’s credibility, opted not to proceed with the arrangement. While the family decided against working with Grundgreif, Uddin maintained contact with her.

According to Uddin’s parents, Grundgreif appeared unprofessional and unreliable to them. Consequently, they warned their son to cease communication with her. Uddin ignored the warning and informed his family that he and Grundgreif were working together in the real estate business and that she had paid him for the sale of a plot of land in Phuket.

The family did not pay attention to their relationship after that until learning that Uddin and Grundgreif became suspects in the murder of the German man.

Uddin’s mother stated that her son had never lied to her and believed he had no part in the German businessman’s murder. She alleges that her son said…

“I swear I did not do it. I do not know anything. They threatened me. I am worried about my sister and my wife. They said they would kidnap them and send them to Cambodia.”

Uddin’s mother added that another suspect in the murder, German man Olaf Thorsten Brinkmann, threatened her son. She believes Brinkmann forced her son to accompany him when he drove a pickup with the freezer to the rental house in Pattaya.

Uddin’s older brother, 30 year old Charlie, claimed that he received a phone call from his brother before the incident occurred. Uddin cried and told them he was scared that Brinkmann would kill him and kidnap his wife and sister. Charlie said…

“I dare to say that my brother has never exhibited this behaviour. All of his friends know him as a kind person. He simply enjoys tattoos and big bikes. He is a member of a motorcycle riding group called 81. I can say with certainty that my brother is not a murderer.”

According to ThaiRath, the owner of a tool shop in Pattaya visited Nong Prue Police Station and reported that Brinkmann and Uddin visited his shop on July 7 and bought an electric saw which was expensive because it worked very quietly.

ThaiRath also reported that Brinkmann is a member of a huge and dangerous motorcycle gang called Outlaw, which possesses an extensive global network spanning 27 countries. They were known for engaging in money laundering and extorting funds from foreign businesspersons, the gang presents a serious threat.

Channel 3 revealed that the officer managed to seize 1.2 million baht, which was transferred out of Mack’s bank account, from a foreigner. The foreign man insisted on his innocence and handed the money to the police officer for further investigation.

The investigation into the motive behind the murder continues.

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