No fury like a ladyboy scorned – toyboy pulls gun

Fury gripped a middle-aged ladyboy in Phatthalung when she caught up with her toyboy lover at a hotel with a woman until he pulled his gun on her.

On November 1, Phatthalung police arrested 18 year old Apichart Thongdeepeng on suspicion of threatening to shoot Amnuay Sukkaew, 28 years his senior.

The pair say they have been together a year. But when Apichart, for whatever reason, sent Amnuay a picture of himself in bed with a young woman, the scorned kathoey went ballistic. It was when Apichart went ballistic that the trouble started.

Amnuay, who has unfortunately been identified in news reports by her male birth name, said she went in search of Apichart after he sent the pictures. Not suspecting that the pictures may have been a ruse, she claims no prior knowledge of what Apichart was packing in his pants.

Amnuay said…

“He told me he was going to his parent’s place to stay the night, but when I called the next morning he did not answer. A few hours later, Apichart sent me pictures of him in bed with a woman.

“I was upset so I went out in search of him. I visited many hotels before I finally found his motorcycle.

“I waited two hours before knocking at the door. When I saw the pair inside, I marched in and slapped him to teach him a lesson, and dragged the woman out.”

Amnuay claims to have been a slave to the young man’s every wish, including buying him the motorcycle in question and giving him the use of her car.

CCTV cameras show a shrieking Amnuay dragging the woman from the room by her hair before running back inside to Apichart who shouts at her, telling her to leave. Delighted customers at the hotel left their rooms to watch the shrill spectacle.

Amnuay said…

“Apichart pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. He said if I didn’t leave, he would kill me,”

It remains unclear what charges, if any, Apichart will face.

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Jon Whitman

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