• Crime News

    Cops bust ladyboy thief on Pattaya Beach, suspect found to be a repeat offender

    A long-time issue has once again resurfaced in Pattaya. A ladyboy on Pattaya Beach with a reputation for being a ‘bad girl’ was apprehended for stealing money from tourists on the beach. The individual had been arrested previously. Tourist police busted her again on the beach last night. Lt. Col. Pitchaya revealed that the suspect, Bunyawin, nicknamed ‘Frame,’ was a…

  • Pattaya News

    Ladyboys steal Russian tourist’s gold necklace in Pattaya, Thailand

    In a tale as old as time, another foreign tourist had their gold necklace stolen by ladyboys in Pattaya, Chon Buri province, eastern Thailand, in the dead of night. At 3am today, 24 year old Artem [surname withheld] of Russian nationality sought help from officers at Pattaya City Police Station. He said two ladyboys molested him and untied his gold…

  • Phuket News

    Patong business operators want transgender sex workers “cleaned up”

    Patong business operators on Bangla Road want transgender sex workers to be “cleaned up,” in addition to food and drink vendors. The president of the Patong Entertainment Business Association, Weerawit Kreuasombat, said… “While Patong officials are now increasing safety management measures on Bangla Road, transgender prostitutes should be cleaned up too. We consistently get complaints that they are annoying and…

  • South

    No fury like a ladyboy scorned – toyboy pulls gun

    Fury gripped a middle-aged ladyboy in Phatthalung when she caught up with her toyboy lover at a hotel with a woman until he pulled his gun on her. On November 1, Phatthalung police arrested 18 year old Apichart Thongdeepeng on suspicion of threatening to shoot Amnuay Sukkaew, 28 years his senior. The pair say they have been together a year.…

  • Thailand News

    Same sex marriage, Thai PM’s music video | Thaiger Bites | Ep.64

    Jay and Tim go through your video messages, comments and feedback from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Thaiger Talk forum on the website.

  • Thailand News

    Transgender inmates to get more medical help in Thailand’s jails

    Thailand’s transgender inmates will be getting more medical help in jails as The Department of Corrections is seeking to improve services to be in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, Thailand has over 4,000 transgender inmates, or about 1% of the total prison population, spread out in 143 prisons. 1,800 of them are transvestites, 1,200 are transgender…

  • Thailand News

    Ask The Thais | EP.3 | Ladyboys, Covid situation, Bad Students’ protest

    “Ask The Thais” is a new segment on The Thaiger where we ask some of our Thai staff to explain some of the unusual and sometimes inexplicable little nuances of Thai culture. You have a question? Send it in and we’ll get our MUCH BETTER LOOKING Thai staff to explain, from a Thai youth perspective, some of their culture and…

  • Events

    Transgender queen crowned in Pattaya

    “This is for you, I made this for you.” The crowd was smaller and there were temperature checks for attendees, but the show went on: Mexico’s Valentina Fluchaire was crowned as the winner of what is billed as the world’s biggest transgender pageant yesterday in Pattaya. To allay fears over the Covid-19 coronavirus, the entire venue in the seaside resort…

  • Crime News

    Pattaya ladyboy attacks American tourist with sodium hydroxide

    Pattaya police announced the arrest of a transgender suspect who allegedly attacked an American tourist with sodium hydroxide over the weekend. Sodium hydroxide, also called lye or caustic soda, is a highly corrosive chemical that decomposes proteins at ordinary ambient temperatures and can cause cause severe chemical burns. It’s used in making wood pulp for paper and is a primary…

  • Phuket News

    7-Eleven hands over a cash advance to a lady boy from retiree’s stolen credit card

    FILE PHOTO ThaiVisa is reporting that an American retiree, living in Bangkok, claims a lady boy stole his wallet in Phuket. She then used his wallet to get a 13,550 baht cash advance at a local 7-Eleven store. The card was signed and the receipt issued to ‘Gregory M Field’ in English. But, explains ThaiVisa, the lady boy was handed…

  • Bangkok News

    A ladyboy found in the backseat of a sunken car with no pants on – Ayutthaya

    Daily News reports that police in Ayutthaya are baffled after a ladyboy was found dead in a car accident yesterday. The driver’s Honda City had plunged into a canal on the Sena to Lat Bua Luang Road. A rescue worker from Ruam Katanyu Foundation, Anuchart Wuthitham, was first on the scene. He found 27 year old Athitaya Phanang from Bangkok , a ladyboy, covered…

  • Pattaya News

    Koreans end up in hospital following Pattaya cross-cultural experience

    PHOTO: Sanook Two Korean men have had a unexpected ‘cross cultural’ experience after an attractive woman agreed to accompany them back to their apartment in Pattaya. We’ll dispense with the long introduction because you’ve already guessed the punchline – the ménage à trois ended up being an all male affair. Sanook has named the lady boy in the story as “Somchai”…