Thailand’s police are under the spotlight. Along with many other aspects of long-existing work cultures, the Thai police culture is now coming under scrutiny from both ends – the NCPO who want real change and opposition forces who see the Thai police as facilitators of much of the country’s corruption problems.

The country’s law reform committee has been tackling the thorny issue of tackling systemic police corruption by reworking the laws that oversee the entire police force.

“The law reform committee may not just amend the National Police Bill as proposed by the police reform panel but may opt for a complete rewrite of the entire bill and amend other related laws.” This from Kamnoon Sidhisamarn a member of the law reform committee yesterday (April 21).

He says that the overhaul of the National Police Bill must be able to address two fundamental issues: firstly, to address the plight of citizens and others from abuses by the police and their expectations from the police and, secondly, to address the plight of the police themselves regarding unfair promotions and transfers and various shortages in the police force.

Mr Kamnoon said that the two fundamental issues must be addressed within the six frameworks initiated by the PM Prayut Chan-o-cha.

The frameworks include as follows:

  • Whether any responsibilities which are not directly related to the police job should be transferred to the other governmental agencies;
  • Whether the police inquiry power to interrogate suspects should be retained with the police or should be separated to other or a new agency;
  • Clear guidelines on police promotions of police officers from the top down to the bottom, especially the criterion on seniority;
  • The readiness of police in their performance of duty which must take into the account the problems of budgetary and equipment adequacy;
  • Whether forensic work should come under the jurisdiction of the police or should it be an independent entity with public justice being the key issue for consideration;
  • Welfare and complaint systems within the police force.

SOURCE: Thai PBS, The Thaiger

- The Thaiger