Turkish man in Phuket cuts chain on illegally parked motorbike

Image courtesy of Phuket City Police

A Turkish national has been apprehended and charged by the Phuket City Police after he used pliers to sever a police chain on his motorbike. The motorbike was parked illegally in a no-parking zone in Phuket Town, and the police had secured it with a chain to prevent removal.

The incident unfolded last Friday, April 26, and came to public attention through a video that was posted online over the weekend. The Turkish national, Alper Polat, was captured on camera returning to his blue Yamaha N-Max motorbike, which was improperly parked near the Kasikorn Bank on Phang Nga Road.

The 35 year old found that the authorities had locked his bike with a police chain as a consequence of the parking violation.

Polat, however, left the scene only to return with a pair of pliers, which he used to cut through the chain. In the video, Polat can be seen making a ‘hush’ sign with his index finger to his lips to the eyewitness recording the act before riding away on his motorbike. This audacious act was widely criticised in online comments.

Phuket City Police confirmed yesterday that Polat had been tracked down. He now faces a charge of “attempting to damage, destroy, depreciate or render useless the vehicle’s control equipment,” as outlined under Section 159 of the Traffic Act.

Additionally, he has been charged with “attempting to commit an offence” under Section 80 of the Criminal Code.

The Phuket City Police did not comment on the parking ticket issued for the transgression, nor did they elaborate on the penalties for the other two offences.

The incident serves as a reminder of the consequences of violating traffic rules and attempting to evade law enforcement.

In similar news, A German tourist found himself in hot water after his Bangkok-registered Ford Everest SUV was caught sand-handed on Ley Phang Beach, Phuket.

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