Phuket reports 4 new Covid-19 cases, breaking 7 day streak

PHOTO: Storm clouds handing over Phuket this morning - Newshawk Phuket

Phuket Health authorities reported 4 new cases the Covid-19 coronavirus, breaking a week-long streak with no new reported cases on the island. The number of officially confirmed infections since the outbreak began in Phuket has now risen to 224.

Here are the details of today’s new cases…

Case 221: A 23 year old Thai woman, a secretarial assistant who lives Cherngtalay. The woman became ill on May 2. It was not reported whether any contacts had high risk exposure to this patient.

Case 222: A Thai woman, aged 29, an assistant manager at a convenience store who lives in Wichit, Phuket Town. She became ill on May 7. 12 people are considered at high risk.

Case 223: A 19 year old Thai man, a university student who also lives in Wichit. He fell ill on May 6. It was not reported if any people are considered at high risk from exposure to this patient.

Case 224: A 29 year old Thai man, a ‘public servant’ who lives in the Patong subdistrict. The man became ill on May 2.

A source, who has knowledge of the matter, has reported to The Thaiger that one of today’s new cases is an active policeman working in Patong. The information has not been confirmed by the Phuket Covid-19 Incident Command Centre.

The PPHO noted that all 4 new cases are under investigation, but also said that all 4 had a history of exposure to risk areas.

The Phuket Public Relations Department announed this morning that a total of 9,656 people have been considered at risk of contracting the virus, up 62 from the 9,594 reported yesterday. Of those, 9,432 have been found not to be infected with the virus.

The Phuket Provincial Health Office, which serves as the Covid-19 Incident Command Centre, announced this morning that 5,621 “persons under investigation” have been identified during their contact tracing.

Of those, all but 75 have been cleared, according to the PPHO. They remain in hospital, comprising 29 people confirmed as infected and 46 people still awaiting test results, down 6 from the 52 reported yesterday.

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Phuket reports 4 new Covid-19 cases, breaking 7 day streak | News by Thaiger

SOURCES: Newshawk Phuket | Phuket News

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